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Robuso Wessi Vintage Trimmers - Ciselier Exclusive

Length 6.5"

In May of 2022 we visited the workshops of Robuso, one of Solingen's finest scissor makers. While there, we had the chance to view an incredible selection of scissors; among them these extraordinary vintage trimmers, produced in 1960's pre-unification Germany and still nestled in their original packaging. Found in the Robuso archives, and recently featured in Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, these scissors exhibit a distinctive post-War aesthetic, hidden for over fifty years.

Special thank you to our partners at Robuso, who have entrusted us with making this incredibly historic model available exclusively to the Ciselier community.

  • Curved blade for close trimming
  • C45 carbon steel
  • Hot-forged in Solingen
  • Original pre-Unification packaging

  • These scissors are a testament to the unbroken legacy of quality that Robuso has become famous for. We are pleased to offer an extremely limited number to interested collectors and scissor aficionados.

    🇩🇪 About Robuso
    Robuso was founded in 1919 by Robert Buntenbach and his brother Julius, the great grandfather of Christian Pukelsheim, Robuso’s current managing director. Based in Solingen, Germany’s historic “City of Blades”, this family-run firm’s logo is a playful pretzel, but there is nothing funny about the quality of their scissors and shears. We admire them for their continued commitment to traditional, handmade craftsmanship delivered to the extraordinary standard that the “Made in Solingen” mark requires.

    Every pair of Ciselier scissors is shipped in a stunning custom-designed Presentation Box containing information about the manufacturer you are supporting. Our packaging is both durable and beautiful – just like our scissors.

    Customer Reviews

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    Peter Kay

    Unacceptable return policy on sub standard items

    We're really glad that Peter left this review. He chose to purchase a pair of highly unusual vintage scissors (really more for the scissor collector than practical use). Discovering this upon receiving his scissors, Peter asked if he could return them. As we are so very, very clear - we have an extremely limited returns policy. We invite you to read about our philosophy here: https://ciselier.com/blogs/news/we-have-a-terrible-returns-policy-heres-why and the actual policy itself here: https://ciselier.com/pages/shipping-returns (agreeing to our Returns Policy is required to check out).

    In a nutshell, 'Ciselier Company is a small business supporting other small businesses; unfortunately we are not able to accept returns for reasons other than manufacturing defects or incorrect product shipment.... consumers have an obligation to educate themselves about the things they spend their money on, and that while 'changing ones mind' is of course allowed - we shouldn't be responsible for it.'

    So, if you'd like a 'no questions asked' returns policy - we are not for you. If you have questions, however, before you purchase - we will happily answer them all day long. Thousands of happy customers will enjoy their beautiful scissors for many years to come - we'd like you to be one of them.