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Robuso 10" Hoch Left-Handed Tailor's Shears

Length: 10"

One of our largest pair of lefties, and recently featured in Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, the substantial Hoch Left-handed 10” Tailor’s Shears are made in Solingen (the historic “City of Blades”) by Robuso. The edges and handles are designed to be in precise mirror-inverted configuration, allowing for a controlled cut with full sightlines. A micro-serrated finish prevents slippage of any smooth or tough fabric or material; the luscious ruby red powder coating on the handles looks good enough to eat!

  • Hot forged and tempered European steel
  • Micro-serrated blade for grip
  • Ruby powder coated handles
  • Superior hardening to maintain blade edge

  • Please note: if you are a lefty who has learned to use right-handed scissors, you may find “true left” difficult to get used to initially. Be patient, or you may wish to try “semi” left-handed scissors instead.

    🇩🇪 About Robuso
    Robuso was founded in 1919 by Robert Buntenbach and his brother Julius, the great grandfather of Christian Pukelsheim, Robuso’s current managing director. Based in Solingen, Germany’s historic “City of Blades”, this family-run firm’s logo is a playful pretzel, but there is nothing funny about the quality of their scissors and shears. We admire them for their continued commitment to traditional, handmade craftsmanship delivered to the extraordinary standard that the “Made in Solingen” mark requires.

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