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Robuso 6" Kurve Fabric

Length: 6"

These gorgeous and unusual 6" curved fabric scissors are a perfect and delightful form for everyday use, but also ideal for specialized fabric cutting. They feature a tiny engraved number within the hinge, which is a sign of true craft - the scissor halves are made for each other, and this is how the "Naglers" ensure the right mates are married together.

  • Uniquely curved blades for close work
  • Hot-forged European steel
  • Hand-assembled and polished
  • Superior hardening to maintain sharpness

  • Some will point out that cutting paper with fabric shears will dull them more quickly. This is true - fabric shears are more expensive because they stay sharper longer; the fibres and chemicals in paper can be tough on them. But you CAN use beautiful fabric scissors for general household tasks. Simply wipe the paper lint off the blades and give them a sharpen from time to time. Fabric scissors are amongst the best and highest quality scissors available… we believe you should enjoy using them as you wish!

    🇩🇪 About Robuso
    Robuso was founded in 1919 by Robert Buntenbach and his brother Julius, the great grandfather of Christian Pukelsheim, Robuso’s current managing director. Based in Solingen, Germany’s historic “City of Blades”, this family-run firm’s logo is a playful pretzel, but there is nothing funny about the quality of their scissors and shears. We admire them for their continued commitment to traditional, handmade craftsmanship delivered to the extraordinary standard that the “Made in Solingen” mark requires.

    Every pair of Ciselier scissors is shipped in a stunning custom-designed Presentation Box containing information about the manufacturer you are supporting, as well as an exclusive Ciselier polishing cloth. Our packaging is both durable and beautiful – just like our scissors.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Hitoko Okada
    Perfect for fabric arts

    The Robuso 6” cuts smoothly and makes my small sewing projects more easeful. They are delightful to work with.

    Sandy Auld
    Robuso 6" Kurve Fabric scissors

    I received these beautiful scissors for Mother's Day! Was able to try them out for several tasks such as trimming the edge of a quilt layer and trimming seam edges. I hadn't been certain about the shape - they are so unusual - but they worked wonderfully! With the curved shape and rounded tip, if you are cutting the top fabric of a seam edge, it's easy to do so without catching the fabric underneath.
    Using beautiful tools makes any project more interesting and pleasurable.
    I highly recommend these scissors!