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Whiteley 8" Left-Handed British Sidebents

Length: 8"

These lovely true left-handed black-and nickel fabric shears are sidebents, an offset design which allows the cutting blade to run flat on a surface in order to anchor a smoother cut. Thomas Wilkinson developed the modern style of sidebents used in tailoring and dressmaking; William Whiteley took that firm over in 1875 and still uses the name for these and other premium scissors. Made in Sheffield using a traditional hot-forge technique, these scissors are perfect for a range of fabrics from cotton to jersey and linen.

  • Hot forged and tempered steel
  • Powder coated handles
  • Superior hardening to maintain blade sharpness
  • Descended from the original sidebent design

  • Please note: if you are a lefty who has learned to use right-handed scissors, you may find “true left” difficult to get used to initially. Be patient, or you may wish to try “semi” left-handed scissors instead.

    🇬🇧 About William Whiteley
    Founded in 1760 at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, William Whiteley is one of the oldest scissor-makers in the world. A family-managed business for more than 11 generations, Whiteley has maintained its roots in Sheffield, England’s heartland of steel blade and scissor manufacturing. The company has supplied scissors to the Royal Family and Saville Row. Today the firm keeps a foot in the past, adhering to the highest standards in materials and handcrafted processes.

    Every pair of Ciselier scissors is shipped in a stunning custom-designed Presentation Box containing information about the manufacturer you are supporting, as well as an exclusive Ciselier polishing cloth. Our packaging is both durable and beautiful – just like our scissors.

    Customer Reviews

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    Andrea Barrack
    Not your kindergarten scissors!

    My earliest memory is failing cutting in kindergarten with their so-called left handed scissors that were an early nod to accessibility but actually were total crap, shredding rather than cutting the snow angels I desperately wanted to take home to mom. So - we adapt, using right handed scissors that get the job done, but are still somewhat awkward - especially with food. But my childhood trauma could be put to rest with these sharp sexy beauties. I’m wielding these like a pro, looking for tasks to demonstrate my prowess. Plus no one else wants to steal them. Added bonus.