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by Maggie Fox February 26, 2023

There are two kinds of people: those who use scissors on food, and those who don't yet use scissors on food.

Fennek Italiano Classico Kitchen Scissors

For whatever reason, North Americans are late adopters when it comes to using kitchen scissors for anything but opening packaging and cutting twine. We can only imagine that this is because it's hard to know what you don't know. To that end, we've put together a video series intended to help the uninitiated understand what they're missing: that (to quote Bon Appétite magazine) "Kitchen shears are the most underrated tool in your culinary arsenal."

You can get straight to watching the videos below or read the whole series here on our blog, which includes fun accompanying recipes from our personal list of favourites. Enjoy!

#1: Ditch the Cutting Board and use scissors instead!

#2: Cutting Fish with scissors
#3: Food Prep with scissors

#4: Shelling Lobster with scissors

#5: Spatchcocking a Chicken with scissors

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Video #1: Ditch the Cutting Board!
Video #2: Cutting Fish
Video #3: Kitchen Prep
Video #4: Shelling a Whole Lobster
Video #5: Spatchcocking Chicken

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