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Ciselier in the Media

Ciselier is the first-ever company founded to foster and promote appreciation for high-quality scissors and the heritage art of scissor-making.

Read what others have had to say about us and our fabulous scissors:

"Recommended: Best House-Guest Gift You've Never Thought Of!", February 25th, 2023. Ashley Baker, Air Mail Weekly

Fennek Italiano Classico Kitchen Scissors

"Which Wine for Which Sandwich?", February 3, 2023. Malcolm Jolley, The Hub
"Maggie Fox is the founder of Ciselier, which is French for “scissor maker” and sells the best scissors sourced from around the world..." Read More

"Technology and Passion: Artisanal Scissors", January 31, 2023. Vinnie Mirchandani, New Florence technology blog
"Every few years, I invite readers and colleagues to contribute guest columns in the series Technology and my Hobby/Passion..." Read More

"Clever Ways to Put Kitchen Scissors to Work", January 26, 2023. Maggie Fox, Reader's Digest Magazine
"If you're only using your kitchen scissors to slice twine and open packages, you're tapping just a fraction of their potential..." Read More

"CityNews Business Profile: Ciselier Company", January 13, 2022. Fil Martino, CityNews680 radio

"Hands Down, the Best Scissors I Have Ever Owned", January 5, 2023. Jamie Drummond, Good Food Revolution
"Until one handles a pair of artisanal handcrafted scissors of this particular calibre, one honestly doesn’t know what one is missing..." Read More

"Canadian Entrepreneur Shares Her Tips for Success", January 2, 2023. Dick SnyderZoomer Magazine
"Bring the world’s best hand-made scissors to the suffering masses... You know who you are: You’ve got more than a dozen scissors that were made on the cheap from poor-quality materials..." Read More

"Gift Guide: Editors' Picks", December 21, 2022. John Clegg, NUVO Magazine
"I need a new pair of scissors, badly. This pair from the handcrafted scissor connoisseurs at Ciselier are produced... where the knifemaking tradition dates back to the sixteenth century..." Read More

"20 Best Cookware Gifts Every Home Chef Will Love", December 18, 2022. Elle Gourmet Magazine
"They’ve got this heavy-weight design that you appreciate – like that solid closing of a door in a high-end cabinet or prestige automobile..." Read More

"Christmas Gifts and Entertaining", December 15, 2022. Pay Chen, Daytime Ottawa TV

"Eat North Gift Guide: Great Kitchenware", December 14, 2022. Daniel Ball, Eat North
"Most professional chefs will agree that owning a quality pair of kitchen shears to do your culinary dirty work is crucial..." Read More

"Talking About Artisanal Scissors: Part II", December 13, 2022. Jamie Drummond, Good Food Revolution
"Personally, I’d never previously experienced such patently beautiful scissors... I think I may have just discovered my new obsession..." Watch Video

"Entertaining Tips and Gift Ideas", December 10, 2022. Dan Clapson, Global TV Calgary
"Food writer Dan Clapson shares suggestions for the perfect “foodie” gift..." Watch Video

"The Ultimate Food Gift Guide", December 8, 2022. Auburn Lane
"[Ciselier] has a specially curated selection of the world’s best heritage-crafted scissors. I’m eyeing the ones perfect for our incredible pizza nights at home…" Read More

"John Szabo's Annual Fizz Guide 2022", December 7, 2022. John Szabo, Wine Align Newsletter
"Once you use them, you may never go back to your knife. Any foodie on your list will love this gift..." Read More

"Talking About Artisanal Scissors: Part I", December 6, 2022. Jamie Drummond, Good Food Revolution
"I guess that I’d never really thought too much about the provenance of my scissors, which in retrospect is decidedly strange seeing as do make quite the fuss over my lovingly cared-for... kitchen knives..." Watch Video

"David Lebovitz: 2022 Holiday Gift Guide", December 4, 2022. David Lebovitz Newsletter
"If you really want to treat someone special, the Pallarès scissors from Spain are like royalty. Ciselier has them..." Read More

"Kitchen Prezzies; From Big Buys to Stocking Stuffers", December 3, 2022. Lesley Chesterman, Lick My Plate
"What's the most useful gadget in the kitchen? Scissors! Use for opening packages, snipping chives, chopping up canned tomatoes, or dismembering a raw or cooked chicken..." Read More

"We're Officially into the Holiday Shopping Season", November 25, 2022. Rita DeMontisThe Toronto Sun
"This year’s wrapping trends are moving toward natural and thick textured papers and fabrics, with natural twine and rope ties..." Read More

"Toronto 2022 Food Lover's Gift Guide", November 24, 2022. Sonya Davidson, Toronto Guardian
"What do you get the ultimate foodie on your list? These heritage crafted scissors are perfect for those artisanal pizzas, to debone chicken, and more..." Read More

"Give the Gift of Hamilton", November 19, 2022. Carly Morrow-Jackson, Hamilton City Magazine
"Whether it's for embroidery, fabric or kitchen work, there is an ideal scissor for every job, so it’s time to retire that curiously sticky pair of all-purpose snips..." Read More

 "Ciselier Company curates a selection of the world's best scissors", September 8, 2022. Annette Hamm, CHCH Morning Live
"You may never look at scissors the same way again after this segment. The founder and CEO of Ciselier, Maggie Fox, joined us with her new found love of a really old craft." Watch Video

"The Art of the Perfect Kitchen Scissor", August 19, 2002. Dick SnyderThe Globe & Mail
"Maggie Fox just wanted a pair of scissors that cut – properly – without tearing, jamming and pinching. Fed up with cheap, ugly, mass-market scissors that sever nothing but nerves, the Toronto entrepreneur set out on a quest..." Read More

 "A Scissor Company That's a Cut Above", May 20, 2022. Chris PowellThe Message
"Paying no heed to those repeated warnings, Maggie Fox is running with scissors. The Toronto marketer and entrepreneur has launched a new online venture called Ciselier Company that specializes in high-quality, handmade scissors..." Read More