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by Maggie Fox September 25, 2023

Earlier this month, we announced a very exciting new (to us) scissor model: the Fennek Grandi Grandi Forbici (literally "GREAT BIG SCISSORS" in Italian). Clocking in at a majestic 12 inches, the "GG Forbici" have been in production since Fennek was founded in Premana in 1895. We let our newsletter subscribers know first (as we do) and then decided to tell the world, via ads in The New Yorker magazine and Canada's The Globe & Mail newspaper. In a take based entirely on personal taste, we also described these scissor as "perfect for display or use" (confession: we actually have a pair on our mantelpiece - that's the photo above).

Fennek Grandi Grandi Forbici

Well, you loved them. And while they are working tailor's shears, designed for cutting fabric, we're feeling pretty confident that about half of our customers who could not resist the GG Fobici are going to spend more time looking at these scissors than using them.

And then a theme emerged:

"What are the extended pivot gizmos meant for?"

"I wondered about the knobs?"

"What is the purpose of the protrusion on each side of the hinge?"

Fennek Grandi Grandi forbici bolt closeup

We received a flood of similar questions about these stunning scissors. So - just in case you also wanted to know what was up with the large extended bolts on both sides of these beauties? Here's the official answer:

"The Grandi Grandi Forbici were initially designed in 1895 for professional tailors, who often spend hours cutting fabric. The prominent bolt allows the scissors to sit upright on the cutting table for ease of use - no need to fumble around with two hands to pick them up, they can be easily taken up by the right hand and put to work.

This also makes them perfect for display as an unusual and arresting objet d'art."

So there you have it, friends! And if you are entranced by these lovelies, best not delay: they have been incredibly popular and our first small order is almost gone. We will have them again next year, but production wait times are lengthy as only the most skilled of Fennek's Regolatores is able to assemble these blades. As with all of our luxury scissors - there are no shortcuts!

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