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Fennek 12" Grandi Grandi Forbici - Ciselier Exclusive

Length: 12"

This is one of the largest pairs of scissors produced by historic Italian maker Fennek. The stunning 12" Grandi Grandi Forbici have been in continuous production since the company was founded in 1895. A very small number of these tailor's shears are made each year due to the complexity of their assembly and adjustment; they can only be crafted by the most skilled Regolatore.

  • Hot-forged C50 carbon steel
  • 56 HRC on the Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • Hand-sanded and polished bows
  • Nickel plated
  • Complimentary shipping

  • As with all of Fennek's scissors, these are made without springs in the hinge. This will mean the scissors last longer (a lifetime... or more!) but may cause the movement to be stiff initially, requiring breaking in. With a large bolt that makes for ease of display or professional use, these large scissors require good hand strength to operate. They are the perfect blend of form and function: both beautiful to look at and a delight to use.

    🇮🇹 About Fennek
    One of the oldest Premanese scissor-makers, Italian firm Fennek was founded in 1895. Their motto is “Quality products that combine tradition and modernity”. Currently run by fourth-generation family, the company continues to deliver the unwavering, uncompromising attention to detail that has made them famous in the region. Fennek has modernised some aspects of their production, but assembly and finishing is all done by hand, with a firm commitment to heritage practices that ensure the highest quality.

    Every pair of Ciselier scissors is shipped in a stunning custom-designed Presentation Box containing information about the manufacturer you are supporting. Our packaging is both durable and beautiful – just like our scissors.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Nigel Wilkinson

    These were a gift to a dear friend who loves them. Thanks for shipping them to Australia.

    peter Loucks
    Quality scissors, these are finished like a piece of fine jewelry

    The workmanship is outstanding