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Alpen 2.5" Piccino Travel Embroidery Scissors & Scabbard - Ciselier Exclusive

Length: 2.5"

These tiny, jewel-like embroidery scissors from Alpen Premana feature 18k gold plating on the bows and nickel plating on the blades. Wishing you could do threadwork to pass the time while traveling? The Piccino's dainty size means that they are permitted in carry-on baggage on North American air carriers. The high-quality, custom scabbard ensures they will stay safely secured and their sharp tip will be protected at all times.

  • 18 karat gold plated handles
  • Hot-forged and hand assembled
  • Razor sharp edges and tip for clean snips
  • Custom scabbard handmade by Tundra Leather
  • Perfect for the traveler!

  • The 2.5" Piccino come packaged in a beautiful custom Ciselier envelope with maker information cards and care suggestions.

    🇮🇹 About Alpen Premana
    Alpen is a family-run manufacturer in Premana, an Italian village in Lecco that is a centuries-old centre of heritage cutlery and blades. Brothers Mauro and Pietro Gianola are the second generation to run this business, founded in 1964 during a period of explosive growth that saw Premana emerge as one of the world’s premier scissor-making regions. Alpen’s superior quality, brilliant designs and commitment to traditional craftsmanship have recently attracted growing recognition outside of Italy.

    With the exception of Alpen's Schoolhouse Lefties, every pair of Ciselier scissors is shipped in a stunning custom-designed Presentation Box containing information about the manufacturer you are supporting. Our packaging is both durable and beautiful – just like our scissors.

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    James Yule

    Wonderfully appreciated Christmas gift