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Shipping policy


Once an order is placed, Ciselier Company is responsible for ensuring the quality of the products, fulfilling your order in a timely manner, packaging your scissors so that they may be delivered without damage and getting the package to the delivery service or courier. Once the package has been delivered to the courier, it is the responsibility of the courier service to ensure the delivery of the package. Ciselier Company does not take any responsibility for your package once it has left the fulfillment premises and has been successfully scanned into the courier system.

If you've received an email stating your package has been delivered, but your package isn't at your door, please check the outside of your home (front/back porch, side/back door, garage area, bushes) as well as double-checking your mailbox to make sure it isn't wedged or out of sight. Please also check in with your neighbors, roommates, doorman, or apartment mailroom/front desk to see if they may have received it for you.

If the package doesn't turn up within the following 24 hours, please contact the courier service and file a claim, using the tracking number we have provided to you. Once you have filed a claim, please give the courier 72 hours to look into it for you. Make sure you document tracking numbers and incident case numbers that are provided to you.

Please note that Ciselier Company will not replace lost items free of charge or refund the purchase of an order that has been mishandled by a courier. If claim amounts are paid out to Ciselier Company, we will either work with you to replace your order or refund you the pay-out amount to your original method of payment.