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About Us

Ciselier is the first-ever company founded to foster and promote appreciation for high-quality scissors and the heritage art of scissor-making. The vast majority of household scissors are of poor quality, mass-produced at a very low cost: disposable products. However, there are workshops, scattered around the world in communities historically associated with sword- and blade-making, that are keeping the art of high-quality scissor-making alive. Often multi-generational small family businesses, they continue to use time-tested forging, stamping, polishing and hand-assembly techniques to produce products intended to last a lifetime.

We have collected a carefully curated selection of luxury scissors made in the traditional way by makers committed to quality and craftsmanship. We search the world for the best and most beautiful scissors, testing and carefully evaluating each pair. If they “make the cut”, these scissors are stamped with the Ciselier “C” as a sign of the highest manufacturing standards.

Our selection is limited, and our small quantities reflect the time required to produce high-quality scissors. When a certain product is no longer available, we will provide a waiting list so that you may be notified when our inventory is replenished. We partner with a number of small producers that we are delighted to be able to introduce to you directly. Ciselier does not white-label our products: we want you to get to know our makers in order to better understand what makes them special and why their beautiful scissors are included in our collection.

Scissors are one of the few household tools that are used universally around the world. We believe every pair of scissors in your home should be a delight to use and last a lifetime.

Maggie Fox - Founder and CEO

Maggie is a former marketing and operations executive who has spent most of her career in technology and software, often in ground-breaking spaces. She's also a two-time startup CEO who is passionate about small, sustainable family businesses and heritage crafts. Introducing consumers to the concept of "luxury scissors" (your scissors should be as good as your knives!) under the Ciselier e-commerce brand is a natural culmination of her years in digital and social media marketing, love for brand-building, collaboration and exploration. Maggie is delighted to be able to celebrate Ciselier's traditional scissor makers and help them find new markets globally.


David Thomas - Editorial Director

David is one of North America's most respected business journalists, having lead financial reporting teams as Editor-in-Chief at several major newspapers. David is responsible for digging deep into the world of scissor manufacturing in order to make content more readily available to our English-language audiences. His deep curiosity and experience has allowed him to draw out wonderful histories from our heritage makers in order to construct a valuable library of information about scissor-making. He is the author of the majority of our maker profiles, blog posts and educational content.