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Robuso Klassisches Papier

Length: 7” or 8"

Recommended by Graydon Carter's Air Mail Magazine as an unforgettable gift, this is a smaller version of the classic shape often referred to as “paper hanger”, versatile scissors that are engineered to work with everything from wallpaper to wool, threads and other papercrafts. The blades are acutely curved sideways with rounded tips, with proportionally long cutting surfaces in order to create long, straight scissor strokes. The inner edges are blue ground by Robuso with precision, and this pair features a nickel plate mirror finish.

  • Hot-forged European steel
  • Hand-polished and nickel-plated
  • Blade edge finished for use with paper
  • Blue ground interior surfaces

  • These fine scissors bear the “Made in Solingen” mark, an indication of exceptional quality since the 16th century.

    🇩🇪 About Robuso
    Robuso was founded in 1919 by Robert Buntenbach and his brother Julius, the great grandfather of Christian Pukelsheim, Robuso’s current managing director. Based in Solingen, Germany’s historic “City of Blades”, this family-run firm’s logo is a playful pretzel, but there is nothing funny about the quality of their scissors and shears. We admire them for their continued commitment to traditional, handmade craftsmanship delivered to the extraordinary standard that the “Made in Solingen” mark requires.

    Every pair of Ciselier scissors is shipped in a stunning custom-designed Presentation Box containing information about the manufacturer you are supporting. Our packaging is both durable and beautiful – just like our scissors.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Mildred Glimcher


    Rita Aron
    They are a bit bigger than I thought and so I have to get used to them.

    The larger opening for my two fingers is a little cramped...especially for a person with a little arthritis. Also, I would have thought that they might have a special, more luxurious box to hold them. That said, i'm glad to have them. I wanted the scissors to be a legacy piece for my daughter...and still do.
    Thanks for inquiring!

    Elisabeth Krug
    Beautiful scissors

    I bought a pair of 8" scissors for my very picky son-in-law for his home desk. The scissors are very well made (in Germany, not China!!) and cut paper and light cardboard really easily. They have a nice feel and balance. They also look beautiful. He loves them.

    Paul Zombori
    I purchased the scissors as a gift for my wife.I guess on the 25 we will give them a try.

    The packaging is fabulous and I can tell that the scissors are of high quality.

    Alexander Daniels
    Amazing Quality - Great Feel

    Scissors to last a lifetime - highly recommended.